Find the Best Beach in Tel Aviv: Top Spots Revealed

Tel Aviv’s beaches are a mosaic of culture, relaxation, and adventure. Picture the best beach in Tel Aviv; it’s not just about the sun-kissed sands but also the vibrant life that thrives alongside it.

Whether you’re carving waves at Hilton Beach or watching families laugh together at Metzitzim Beach, each spot along this bustling coastline has its own charm. Imagine ending your day with flavorsome bites from seaside eateries as day turns to night and beach bars awaken.

This isn’t just another trip to the shore; it’s an experience where every moment is soaked in Mediterranean magic. So let’s dive into what makes these shores so unforgettable!

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Discovering the Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s coastline is a tapestry of sandy stretches, each with its own personality. There are 12 distinct beaches, and if you’re on the hunt for the best beach in Tel Aviv, you’ll find that every grain of sand tells a story.

Hilton Beach – Surfing and Inclusivity by the Sea

At Hilton Beach, blue waters beckon surfers to ride Mediterranean waves. This spot isn’t just about catching breaks; it’s also an emblem of inclusivity. As one of Tel Aviv’s LGBTQ+ friendly locales, it embraces diversity like no other shore can claim to do. Here’s where board shorts meet rainbow flags—a place where everyone is welcome.

Beyond surfing adventures—thanks to local surf schools, which help rookies become wave warriors—you’ll find volleyball courts bustling with energy as locals spike and dive under the sun. It becomes clear why this stretch along Avi’s beaches has earned such high regard among both visitors and die-hard Tel Avivians.

Nightfall doesn’t mean silence here; rather day turns into night seamlessly as people gather around drum circles or at nearby bars with their feet still dusted in sand from earlier escapades near the Hilton Hotel.

Gordon Beach – The Heartbeat of Tel Aviv’s Shoreline

If there were ever a central hub on this lively coast, Gordon Beach would be it—the heartbeat of activity along these shores. With saltwater swimming pools offering relief from summer heatwaves and outdoor workout areas making gym rats swoon under sunny skies—it’s got something for adrenaline junkies and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Come evening time, though? That’s when Gordon truly shines. The area transforms into an energetic mixtape: part sunset serenade performed by DJs at buzzing beach bars—think mellow beats transitioning smoothly into dance anthems—and part carnival-esque parade showcasing spontaneous backgammon tournaments beside plates filled with delicious food savored al fresco style right next to lapping waves.

Banana Beach – Where Chill Vibes Meet the Mediterranean

Fancy swapping thumping basslines for acoustic strings strumming through sea breeze whispers? Then Banana Beach awaits your footprint memoirs written alongside grassy areas perfect for picnics or perhaps even a siesta wrapped up within nature’s green blanket—a rarity so close to city sprawl.

Key Takeaway: 


Hit Hilton Beach for surfing and a vibrant, inclusive vibe where the LGBTQ+ community shines. Gordon Beach is your go-to for day-long action and night-time beats. For laid-back strums and picnics by the sea, Banana Beach offers serene escapes right in the city.

Family-Friendly Shores – Safe and Fun Coastal Spots

Tel Aviv’s shores are a treasure trove for families, offering more than just the usual sandcastle-building escapades. The city’s coastline has been thoughtfully designed to cater to young adventurers and their guardians alike, making it an ideal spot for creating sun-soaked memories.

Metzitzim Beach – Playful Sands for All Ages

The soft sands of Metzitzim Beach have long been a magnet for those seeking family fun in Tel Aviv. It’s not hard to see why – this beach is decked out with playgrounds that will keep the kids busy as you soak up some vitamin D. The shallow waters here are perfect for little ones who aren’t ready to ride the waves just yet.

Amenities at Metzitzim are tailor-made for year-round visits, so whether you’re escaping winter blues or enjoying summer highs, comfort won’t be compromised. Picture yourself lounging on a cabana while sipping something cool from the nearby café — all within arm’s reach of your beach-going brood.

Jerusalem (Geula) Beach – White Sands with a Spiritual Touch

If there ever was a stretch of coast where spirituality meets splashing around, Jerusalem (Geula) Beach would be it. This isn’t your average seaside spot; its white sands serve as both sunbathing territory and space reflective of Tel Aviv’s cultural mosaic.

Families can appreciate not only the beauty but also the peace that comes with being away from central hubs buzzing with activity — though they’re still close enough if ice cream cravings hit hard after building elaborate sandcastles. And when Friday evening rolls around, join locals welcoming Shabbat by flying kites against golden sunset hues before calling it another day well spent on one of Israel’s most unique beaches.

Did You Know?While Metzitzim boasts round-the-clock facilities tailored toward family needs—think showers and changing rooms—Tel Baruch steps things up even further.With its own set of cabanas plus a friendly café setup right on-site, you don’t need much else for that quintessential day at the beach.

Key Takeaway: 


Tel Aviv’s beaches offer more than sunbathing—they’re a playground for families. Metzitzim Beach shines with kid-friendly shallows and year-round amenities, while Jerusalem (Geula) Beach mixes tranquility with cultural vibes.

Savoring Seaside Flavors – Culinary Delights on the Coast

Imagine you’re sitting at a table, the gentle sea breeze ruffling your hair as you gaze out over the Mediterranean’s blue waters. The scent of fresh seafood grilling nearby mingles with the salty air. This isn’t just any coastal dining experience; this is what awaits in Tel Aviv, where each beach along its vibrant coastline offers an array of delicious food right at the water’s edge.

Hilton Beach – Surfing and Inclusivity by the Sea

At Hilton Beach, not only can surf enthusiasts catch some waves with lessons from a local surf school, but they can also refuel with scrumptious eats after hanging ten. Known for being LGBTQ+ friendly, it creates an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome to dine and relax. Foodies will find themselves spoiled for choice here—whether it’s grabbing a bite at one of Tel Aviv’s renowned seaside restaurants or sipping cocktails as day turns into night.

The culinary scene mirrors Hilton Beach’s inclusive spirit—think globally inspired dishes that cater to all tastes. A stone’s throw away from this spot lies some popular haunts serving up everything from sushi rolls bursting with flavor to vegan delights that even non-vegans would queue up for.

Gordon Beach – The Heartbeat of Tel Aviv’s Shoreline

Gordon Beach puts you right in Tel Aviv’s pulsating heart—with saltwater pools inviting swimmers and sunbathers alike during hot summer days—but wait till you hear about its gastronomic prowess. As evening approaches, beach bars come alive; music fills the air while mixologists whip up colorful concoctions behind counters dotted along Gordon’s promenade.

This central location means easy access to diverse flavors—from quick bites like freshly baked pita stuffed with falafel drizzled in tahini sauce to more refined plates featuring locally sourced ingredients prepared by chefs who know their way around both traditional Israeli cuisine and international classics.

Banana Beach – Where Chill Vibes Meet the Mediterranean

If relaxation is your aim then head straight for Banana Beach—a sanctuary offering grassy areas perfect for laid-back picnics under palm trees swinging lazily overhead or casual hangouts at its famed chiringuito-style bar which boasts round-the-clock service because why should happy hour be confined to just one hour?

The menu reflects Banana’s unhurried ethos: think mezze platters loaded high enough they might require a map (and certainly an appetite) plus fresh fish grilled simply yet exquisitely, allowing natural flavors earned through life spent swimming against those same waves now lapping gently near your feet—to truly shine. Each bite promises to transport diners on a culinary journey that highlights the region’s bounty and the kitchen’s skillful touch.

Key Takeaway: 


Hit the sands of Tel Aviv and dive into a foodie’s paradise. From Hilton Beach’s inclusive eats to Gordon Beach’s lively bars, there’s a taste for everyone.


Banana Beach keeps it chill with mezze platters and fresh fish that capture the essence of seaside dining. No matter where you land, these spots serve up more than just views—they dish out unforgettable culinary adventures by the sea.


So, you’ve explored Tel Aviv’s coastline and discovered each beach’s unique vibe. The best beach in Tel Aviv? It’s the one that resonates with your spirit.

Remember Hilton Beach for its waves and warmth. Keep Gordon Beach in mind as the city’s pulse by the sea. And don’t forget Banana Beach when you crave lazy afternoons under Mediterranean skies.

Families should bookmark Metzitzim for kid-friendly fun and Jerusalem (Geula) Beach for a blend of sun, sand, and spirituality.

And let’s not overlook those seaside flavors – they’re as much a part of the experience as the blue waters themselves!

Your next visit to this port city isn’t just another day at the beach; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in Tel Avivian life where every shore has its story.

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